Moving organisations to the cloud

Kloud believes in the inevitable shift to the cloud. We believe in this because cloud computing and cloud concepts represent a significant trend with the potential to increase agility, lower costs and increase competitive advantage. Kloud is a premier provider of professional and managed services to deliver and enhance your cloud based services. We are passionate about driving our customers’ success by ensuring innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do. 

Our experienced team of consultants are highly skilled professionals, and leaders in their field. Our consultants cover a broad range of expertise to bolster your IT capabilities so that you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

We work closely with our customers to set cloud strategy, define roadmaps and design effective public and hybrid cloud architectures. Our teams work to design, build, deploy and manage smarter solutions and applications to save you time and money.

Let us help your business find solutions that simply make sense.

Kloud provides customers with a holistic approach to optimising IT infrastructure, services and processes utilising cloud based platforms. Capable and confident of guiding your business to the cloud, we lift and shift entire data centres, rapidly provision deployment and testing environments, extend existing infrastructure via private cloud and assist with data recovery and archiving.

Our acclaimed Infrastructure team is handpicked to ensure that we cover a broad range of business objectives, specialised in application development and software architecture, security and identity management, as well as infrastructure and networking.

Kloud is a Microsoft Gold Partner, deploying public, private and hybrid cloud solutions with knowledge and expertise across multiple platforms.

We deploy vendor-agnostic solutions that provide the best value for your needs. With AWS we ensure the delivery of the right solution for your business. Find out more information on our free AWS assessment offer.

As a Telstra Enterprise and Government and Telstra Cloud partner we are experts with the Telstra Cloud offerings, including Telstra IaaS platform and Telstra Cloud Collaboration.

Cloud, hybrid, and mobility are changing the world of enterprise, as IT becomes more about the information and less about the technology. Planning through deployment, Kloud are specialists in the design and implementation of systems that improve cost-effectiveness, scalability, and time-to-market.

Our Application Development and Integration team is comprised of highly experienced consultants, specialising in building applications for Microsoft’s cloud, web, integration, information, collaboration, communications, and identity and access management platforms. Our team is built on people who are passionate about developing amazing software, with high quality outcomes and an emphasis on minimising technical debt.

Do you want to bolster hardware resources for new or existing applications in order to manage any unexpected peaks? Do you want to extend existing applications into a distributed network to maximise uptime and minimise latency? Kloud can help with the development of enterprise-grade solutions built on Microsoft Azure, extending or replacing your on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft’s cloud.

Azure Active Directory is a major part of Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform for securing applications, both on-premises and in-the-cloud. The Application Development and Integration team can help you develop secure, interoperable, claims-based solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Do you want to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including desktop browsers, mobile devices, and tablet devices? The Application Development and Integration team can help you develop highly available, fast, and highly scalable solutions for Microsoft’s web platform, ASP.NET.

Kloud has extensive consulting and implementation skills in identity and access management technologies and solutions, supported by sound infrastructure and security expertise. Our identity solutions range from strategic initiatives, requirements analysis and building business cases all the way to a program of works, through to the implementation of tactical solutions to solve specific business problems.

We have Australia’s strongest team, able to evaluate your security, access and identity management needs, over a diverse range of business requirements. Our experienced consultants deploy solutions with Microsoft identity products such as Forefront Identity Manager, Active Directory, Federation Services and Public Key Infrastructure. Our solutions can help your organisation achieve immediate cost, productivity and security benefits.

Identity: Be in the Cloud
The cloud provides deeper connections to your employees, business partners and your customers from anywhere at any time. You have to offer these services securely and control the use. Identity underpins the cloud in how your staff access the service to controls that are in place. Kloud understands the core identity principles and we can help you gain control and access the core of these services.

Access: Control in the Cloud
Your employees demand access to the cloud service with a seamless and intuitive logon experience. Modern access capabilities allow you to move away from the traditional ways of protecting your network borders to low cost and intuitive multi-factor authentication methods across many devices. Achieve a single sign-in experience across many cloud platforms and on-premises applications.

Protect: Keep the Cloud Information Safe
Refusing to use cloud capabilities is not a viable option for most organisations. Storing data in the cloud does not just mean ensuring you have a strong password. Protecting and controlling the information in the cloud and in transit to or from the cloud is critical. Applying protection that only you can unlock. We help you protect your information and ensure your data privacy and regulatory compliance needs are met in the cloud.

Kloud is an industry leading Microsoft Gold Partner in delivering Microsoft communication and collaboration solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud. With extensive skills in the Microsoft ecosystem including Office 365, Lync, Exchange and SharePoint, we’re your best choice for the conception and implementation of brilliant collaboration solutions.

Our national team is comprised of awarded consultants and specialists in all aspects of Microsoft’s productivity suite of communication and collaboration products. Whether you are designing and deploying new solutions or integrating and migrating existing ones, our team brings a wealth of knowledge from a broad range of customers, industries, platforms, projects, and scenarios, ensuring your solution is the right one.

Do you want a robust and capability rich productivity platform that can scale to meet your business’s needs and modernise your communication and collaboration experience? Kloud can help you deploy enterprise-grade solutions which can integrate with on-premises systems or extend your on-premises infrastructure through hybrid deployments.

SharePoint Online is Microsoft’s collaboration platform for improving how people work together. Our consultants can help you develop custom solutions that implement new functionality, integrate existing data from line-of-business systems, and create workflows that manage work processes for people.

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform that can replace or integrate with your telephony systems. With Lync, users can keep track of their contacts’ availability; send an IM; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call—all through a consistent, familiar interface. Find out more information on our Lync capability.

Kloud Managed Services provides our customers with peace of mind and assistance in exploiting the ongoing value of our technology solutions, cloud and otherwise. Everything we do is focused on providing real business benefits to our customers by improving reliability, performance and proactively recommending enhancements to existing systems.

Our Managed Services team is comprised of highly trained technical personnel who understand industry and vendor best practices in order to achieve our first-class service. Complete with architects and developers on hand, we take a proactive systems management approach to reduce risk and quickly identify root cause of issues and respond with efficient resolutions.



Breadth of understanding:
Kloud Managed Services has developed a comprehensive service catalogue to assist our customers in obtaining the most value out of the systems designed and deployed by our experienced consultants in all areas of our business.

Aligned technology and support:
The Kloud service delivery model is focused around the application of technology, tools, methodologies and specialist skills to provide a managed services solution consistent with our customer’s business needs.

One local team:
Kloud is committed to providing an environment for sharing of information, knowledge and ideas between our certified Service Delivery Managers and Technical Support Analysts, all based in our centralised Monitoring and Response Centre.

Kloud Security Services helps you operate securely and cost-effectively in the cloud. Our security experts specialise in providing proactive advice with clear roadmaps for execution, allowing us to develop strategy while ensuring you maintain compliance with security, industry and government standards.

Kloud Security Services provides advice on the appropriate security solution for your business. We will work with your business to develop strategy roadmaps for execution across the four key pillars of identity, data, devices and networks.

To obtain the appropriate balance between security, risk and cost, security controls must be aligned and match the business solution and technology to be protected. Kloud can help you understand your business, compliance and threats characteristics that determine the criteria for security solutions that are required.

One of the biggest challenges for most organisations in relation to security is where to start. Kloud can assist you in defining a multi year security roadmap that aligns with your business which helps you maximise your spend. To ensure adaptability and support business growth we identify what are the compelling events that drive the need for security solutions and what are alternative mitigating controls and residuals risks.

Would you like to ensure that your projects are incorporating security controls and being delivered securely. Kloud is able to provide guidance on standards based security models that deliver real outcomes. We have a security framework which identifies the security controls which are required to be included during the various phases of business solution development.

Design focused businesses have outperformed others by more than 200% over the past decade, which is why Kloud Digital is invested in designing for yours. We’re committed to the conception and creation of experiences that delight, innovate and solve problems. Deliberate design decisions based on real user data is the cornerstone of our practice.

Our team of user experience experts are renowned thought leaders. With big picture strategic vision and broad knowledge of user-centred product design principles, we conceive and create the best digital experiences for your business.

Strategise and ideate:
Let us help you come up with the next big thing. We run stakeholder workshops, conduct customer research and explore innovation opportunities in both software and hardware.

Design and build:
Beyond usable, useful, delightful interfaces, we also leverage Kloud’s brilliant breadth of technology expertise, ensuring your front-end solutions are developed as best in class with the security and performance required to impress.

Test and iterate:
The journey really only begins on launch day. Kloud Digital can conduct analytics investigations, customer surveys, usability testing and more to ensure your digital products evolve beside technology and customer expectations and don’t get left behind.

Let us help you move to the cloud.

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