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Kloud Case Study: Deakin University



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Kloud helped develop “Deakin Anywhere” an innovative, collaboration and communication portal that empowers students and staff across the organisation.



Customer Overview

Deakin University is an Australian public university with over 47,000 higher education students. Established in 1974, it has campuses in Geelong, Warrnambool and Burwood, in the state of Victoria.

Business Situation

Deakin University wanted to implement an online team collaboration capability based on SharePoint called Deakin Anywhere. Kloud worked with Deakin University’s eSolutions staff to provide a SharePoint Roadmap, Enterprise IA Framework, and Collaboration Platform that delivered on these goals.

The Deakin Anywhere Program is an enterprise strategic initiative to implement cloud enabled collaboration capability for both our staff and student cohort. The primary priority was to deliver an elegant and seamless customer experience, and the Kloud team assisted by developing a solution for the SharePoint component. - Martin Brandwyk, Senior Project Manager, Deakin University


Kloud helped Deakin to establish a SharePoint roadmap and Enterprise Information Architecture Framework that aligned with Deakin University’s Information Management (IM) strategy, as well as providing guidance on how to effectively use SharePoint as a collaboration platform with a supporting governance framework. There were 3 main requirements to the SharePoint Collaboration Sites Project:

1. SharePoint Roadmap: Deakin University’s strategic vision for an overall IM platform is based on three core elements: Search, Sharing and Integration. The SharePoint platform is considered to be one of the major components of Deakin University’s IM platform. Kloud delivered a SharePoint roadmap to establish a strategic vision and timeline for elements such as an intranet portal, extranet, enterprise search, application integration and collaboration sites for both structured (EDMS/ERMS) and ‘loose’ (Team/Project/Community sites) information management. Kloud helped Deakin University to align the SharePoint strategy with their overall Information Management strategy.

2. Enterprise IA Framework: Although the immediate requirement was to enable online team collaboration workspaces, Deakin also highlighted the importance of designing Information Architecture with a bigger picture in mind. Kloud designed an Enterprise IA Framework that included high level considerations for future development of the platform based on the SharePoint roadmap.

3. Collaboration Platform: Kloud developed collaboration site template(s), with an automated site provisioning process and a supporting governance framework. Deakin University’s collaboration sites provide a collaboration area for teams, projects and communities across both SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises infrastructure and Office 365 SharePoint Online Services.


The Deakin Anywhere SharePoint collaboration sites project provides an online team collaboration solution that enables Deakin University employees and students to collaborate any time, anywhere, on any device. Collaboration templates provide consistent site branding and navigation across SharePoint “on-premises” and SharePoint Online. The SharePoint collaboration sites created by the site templates use a responsive web design to provide an optimised user experience for Deakin University employees and students across multiple devices.

The automated site provisioning process enables business users to easily submit requests for new SharePoint collaboration sites that can be set up and configured based on Deakin University governance framework with minimal IT intervention.

The benefit of this is the reduction of IT support and time required to set up SharePoint collaboration sites, while ensuring the new SharePoint collaboration sites comply with governance policies. Lastly, Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business provides Deakin staff and students with a personal work-space to easily share and collaborate with others what they are working on.

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