Kloud implements modernised intranet solution for over 4000 global staff

Kloud Case Study: OceanaGold Corporation



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Kloud worked with OceanaGold to design and implement a modern intranet solution to provide a consistent and personalised experience for its employees and contractors at various geographical locations. Kloud also developed and implemented a managed services solution to provide ongoing maintenance, technical support and access to resources for adhoc enhancements.


Communications, Development, Managed Services

Business Situation

OceanaGold was aware that their intranet solution needed to be improved to address the needs of the business. A number of key areas were identified for renewal, whereby the intranet would better reflect the company’s culture and provide ease of collaboration.  One of the key drivers for the intranet’s modernisation was to ensure seamless access for employees and enable company content, resources, forms and templates to reflect each region.

The modernisation of the intranet increased engagement and collaboration across OceanaGold’s workforce by providing access to:

  • An effective worktool to enable staff to complete certain tasks essential to their jobs.
  • A better process for organisation of information, ensuring the search process is intuitive and personalised for each user.
  • An OceanaGold brand identity – ensuring the interface was reflective of the OceanaGold ‘family’ and that there was a connection between staff working at various geographical locations.
  • Pathways and improved functionality, ensuring users have a seamless, personalised experience.
  • Greater access information when they need it, where they need it, by enabling seamless access to information irrespective of location and device.


Kloud was engaged by OceanaGold as a SharePoint Online specialist to analyse and migrate their existing on-premises SharePoint farm to the cloud. SharePoint Online would facilitate efficient management of enterprise knowledge while simplifying collaboration between users. This decision meant OceanaGold could enhance their distributed model of delivering content to their staff across multiple regions, while ensuring a seamless, secure experience regardless of the location of the user.  A benefit to managing the solution in this manner meant Kloud was able to leverage OceanaGold’s existing employee information stored across various international locations.


  • Increased agility for OceanaGold employees by using new features as soon as they were available to Office 365 as opposed to manually deploying server-side functionality.
  • Integrated approach to submitting business critical forms using responsive web based technologies.
  • Leveraging out-of-box Office 365 and SharePoint Online functionality while reducing cost by decommissioning third party tools and plugins.
  • Using their existing Identity and Access Management tools and extend them to Office 365.
  • Using distributed model of SharePoint Online, OceanaGold were able to allow access to staff and contractors at locations where access were limited due to network speed and stability.
  • Allowing staff and contractors to access relevant and personalised information use any device (mobiles, tablets, traditional PC’s).
  • Allowing OceanaGold contractors to login to Intranet using Office 365 External access, enabling distribution of information in a controlled way and with less manual overheads.
  • Increasing organisational agility by allowing for the consumption of new features as soon as they are made available in Office 365 as opposed to manually deploying server-side functionality.
  • Migrating to SharePoint Online will expand on OceanaGold’s mobility strategy in allowing seamless, fluid access via a modern UI in SharePoint Online, which is not currently available to employees.
  • SharePoint Online capabilities allowing for a single service that can be accessed from all points across OceanaGold’s sites globally.
  • Decommissioning of the on-premises infrastructure as a new document management system becomes available.
  • Simplifying the current SharePoint application environment by moving away from third party applications and moving to native functionality in the platform.
  • Establishing a compelling intranet foundation that will grow to meet the organisation in the future.

Managed Services Transition

Kloud’s Managed Services team was engaged in the final stages of the project to undertake transition. This involved developing the requisite technical and procedural documentation to transition into ongoing ‘business as usual’ operations. The managed services solution ensures that the OceanaGold intranet is properly maintained and supported and provides a streamlined process to address requests for minor enhancements and configuration changes. The monthly reporting and governance components of the managed services transition ensures that OceanaGold is kept up-to-date on all aspects of the service such as performance against service level targets and any related issues and/or recommendations.

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