Kloud helps drive smarter connections for Adshel with the delivery of a modern intranet solution

Kloud Case Study: Adshel



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Kloud helps drive smarter connections for Adshel with the delivery of a modern intranet solution.


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Customer Overview

Adshel is a leading out-of-home media company that builds smarter connections for communities through a platform which enables advertisers to connect, engage and influence commuters across Australia and New Zealand. Formed in 1997 as a joint venture between APN News & Media and Clear Channel International, it is now one of the most recognised names in street furniture and a key player in the out-of-home media market.

Business Situation

Adshel is a leading provider of advertising solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Adshel’s advertising solutions range from static billboards, bus and tram shelters, railway stations, and digital street furniture.

Adshel has 150 corporate staff in head offices in Australia and New Zealand, while out in the field it employs hundreds of cleaners, electricians, glaziers and maintenance workers whose main connection to the organisation is via their mobile device.

Adshel’s People & Performance team identified a number of opportunities to improve internal communications for their people, whether they worked from a corporate office or out on the road. Carolyn Kiely, People & Performance Manager for Adshel explains, “Our stakeholder surveys found there was little focus on communications for all employees, and much of what did exist was fragmented and inconsistent. We realised there was no central source to turn to for company updates and that we needed to enable better access to information and collaboration tools”.


From our initial meeting with Kloud we knew they were the right company to engage for such an important project for Adshel. The team immediately understood what we were trying to achieve and spoke to me in a way that I understood what they could offer. The intranet was implemented on time, within budget. The intranet has achieved the goal of increasing the level of connection across the business in Australia and New Zealand. - Carolyn Kiely, People & Performance Manager, Adshel.


The team realised that a new intranet had the potential to address internal communications and compliance requirements. A modernised intranet supported by multi-device access would offer employees an effective source of up-to-date, centrally coordinated, readily available information to enhance communication across the business.

To ensure the new intranet addressed employee requirements, Adshel’s People & Culture team brought together a focus group of stakeholders from different departments to help drive the direction.

The key drivers for Adshel’s new intranet solution were:

  • Provide a branded gateway to information and applications
  • Create the smartest connections across the Adshel community
  • Centralise and simplify corporate communication channel
  • Provide access to Intranet content, regardless of internal network connectivity
  • Incorporate a responsive design to ensure Intranet content can be consumed on multiple device factors – mobile, tablet and PC
  • Provide a number of dynamic forms to automate processes
  • Deliver a meaningful Search experience to assist in the retrieval of content
  • Reduce dependency on IT to manage and support the platform, enabling content owners to easily update content without additional IT assistance

Adshel engaged Kloud to deliver a well-structured, modernized Intranet solution to enhance smarter connections across teams, encourage collaboration, and provide its people with relevant, up-to-date information on customers and campaigns, internal events, training videos, competitions and executive leadership updates.

The intranet was built on the SharePoint Online platform with responsive design frameworks to satisfy Adshel’s need for multi-device access (including tablets and mobile devices for field workers on the road). The SharePoint Online platform provides Adshel with:

  • Centralisation of content management across the organisation
  • Productivity-boosting tools that encourage employee collaboration, knowledge sharing and workflows
  • Quick-links tool bar that contains the most commonly accessed content including internal intranet pages and external internet sites
  • A hosted platform for multiple apps using Visual Studio for data access, such as product information and self-service tools

Also contained within the intranet is a document library that holds the definitive version of all of the company’s policies and procedures. The system includes workflows that allow each department to upload, approve and manage its own policy documents and approvals, which has eliminated the manual processes previously required.

Additionally, employees required access to the intranet whether in the office or on the road, meaning a dynamic approach would need to be developed for use with computers and mobile phones.


The solution has significantly improved operational efficiencies by making it easy for people to find the information they need, when they need it. The new intranet hosted on the SharePoint Online platform offers Adshel:

  • Accessibility – applications developed on SharePoint online can now be accessed from anywhere and from any device, helping users access the information they need.
  • A New look and feel – applications were Adshel branded – taking inspiration from a variety of company intranets and feedback from Adshel teams, providing a fresh look for the applications.
  • Better Adoption and User Experience – migrated applications were re-engineered with a seamless user experience in mind, helping increase adoption among users.
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity – SharePoint Online hosted applications introduced users to a platform that provides various productivity tools (e.g. workflows, ability to create various kinds of views like Gantt charts) which has already resulted in productivity gains across the organisation.

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